From the Access Control Committee

From the Access Control Committee

Jun 26, 2020

Safety of residents and guests continues to be a concern. Here are four examples:

• Fireworks for the July 4 holiday are not allowed in Deercreek. We follow the same rules as the City of Jacksonville.

• People walking or running on the roads with their backs to the traffic, at times two or more abreast. By the way, it is against the law in Jacksonville to walk or run on a street or road if sidewalks are available. This law is broken every day in Deercreek.

• Bikers riding two or more abreast impeding traffic.

• Young people without driver’s licenses driving golf carts or riding motorized scooters. Not only are these dangerous, but they are against the rules in Deercreek, and citations can be issued to residents for allowing it.

• Building Materials or dumpsters/PODS on the roads. Building materials, dumpsters or Pods containers are not allowed at any time on Deercreek roads due to the safety issues involved as well as potential damage to the pavement. Daily citations will be issued, and should the pavement be damaged, the resident will be responsible for repairs.


During this time of concerns about the corona virus, there may be fewer social gatherings for July 4 celebrations than previously, but if you choose to have a gathering, please be sure your guests are registered in the gate entry system.

Please be watchful for and courteous of others whether you are walking, running, biking or driving.